At First First Reflexology Bluntisham appointments are available for reflexology or reiki as separate treatments.

Alternatively, you can combine them into one session – taken one after the other in a single appointment.




Appointments are available Monday to Thursday at 10am, 2pm and 5pm and 10am or 2pm on a Friday.

Treatment durations are as follows:

30 mins for reiki only.

60 mins for reflexology only.

90 mins of reflexology only.

90 mins for reflexology and reiki.

Please allow an additional 20 minutes for your pre-treatment consultation and post-treatment aftercare.

Appointments for existing clients

Could all existing clients please book online.

Appointments for new clients

Before making an online booking at Feet First Reflexology, you MUST first register as a client.

In order to do this, please call me, Michelle, on 07835 340940 so that we can discuss your specific needs.

Alternatively, please send me a message in any of the following ways with your phone number and a preferred time for me to call you back.

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