AromaReflex is a treatment that combines the benefits of aromatherapy and reflexology in an ultra-relaxing complementary health experience.

AromaReflex rebalances your body and cleanses it of toxins and impurities leaving you with:

I offer AromaReflex at no extra cost simply book the AromaReflex session.

Why I combine aromatherapy with reflexology?

  • I am qualified aromatherapy and reflexology
  • By adding essential oils to reflexology creams I can enhance the ambiance of the reflexology treatment.
  • Essential oils – aside from smelling gorgeous – have special medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of essential oils?


As a fully qualified aromatherpist I can offer you a large selection of essential oils. I blend a pot of foot cream with one, two or three essential oils, which will be relevant to your ailments or individual preference.

This foot cream will be applied through out your reflexology treatment.

Here is a list of the most popular essential oils and there healing properties:

Lavender:  An antibiotic, pain-relieving properties that helps with headaches, PMT and promotes relaxation and sleep

Bergamot:  An anti-depressant that reduces anxiety and aids indigestion

Lemon:  An antiseptic that helps lower blood pressure and stimulates the immune system

Orange:  An anti-inflammatory that aids digestion and has a calming effect

Cedarwood:  A good all-round tonic that reduces fluid retention and helps the circulation