Essential Aromreflex at Feet First Reflexology Bluntisham

AromaReflex is an exciting new treatment that combines the benefits of aromatherapy and reflexology in an ultra-relaxing complementary health experience.

AromaReflex rebalances your body and cleanses it of toxins and impurities leaving you with:

Increased energy
Better circulation
Improved mood
More restful sleep

Why am I combining these 2 therapies?

Firstly, I am qualified in both aromatherapy and reflexology and understand the individual benefits that they provide.

Secondly, by adding essential oils to reflexology creams I can enhance the ambiance of the reflexology treatment

Thirdly, these essential oils – aside from smelling gorgeous – have special medicinal properties:

Lavender:  An antibiotic, pain-relieving properties that helps with headaches, PMT and promotes relaxation and sleep

Bergamot:  An anti-depressant that reduces anxiety and aids indigestion

Lemon:  An antiseptic that helps lower blood pressure and stimulates the immune system

Orange:  An anti-inflammatory that aids digestion and has a calming effect

Cedarwood:  A good all-round tonic that reduces fluid retention and helps the circulation

What to Expect from Your AromaReflex Session at Feet First Reflexology Bluntisham

As with reflexology, each treatment will last approximately one hour.

At the initial consultation, I will discuss with you your medical history, your lifestyle, diet and how you are feeling physically and emotionally so that I can tailor the treatment to your individual needs.

Working with the information you provide I will create a cream enriched with essential oils, designed especially for you. This cream is then used throughout your AromaReflex session.

You will remain fully clothed during your treatment except for your shoes and socks which you will remove before relaxing back on a fully adjustable treatment couch.

On request, I will cover you with a soft blanket before gently cleaning your feet and beginning the treatment.

I will apply subtle pressure with my thumbs and fingers to all parts of your feet applying the AromaReflex session, noting any problem areas for discussion at the end of the treatment.

You need not worry about the appearance of your feet. In fact, it helps me to understand more about your current health and well-being.

The manipulation of your feet is not ticklish and is usually very pleasant and extremely relaxing. It is possible that you might occasionally feel some slight and fleeting discomfort as I stimulate blood circulation and unblock nerve endings in your feet, but this is perfectly normal and is part of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

At the end of the treatment, whilst you are relaxing on the couch, I will give you a chilled glass of mineral water to help flush out toxins that may be released by the treatment. You will then have the opportunity to talk with me about the treatment you have received and discuss aftercare advice.

Generally, you will be feeling extremely relaxed and you will be advised to drink plenty of water and get some further rest.

I will give you plenty of time after the treatment so that when you leave you will continue to feel relaxed and rebalanced and ready to resume the rest of your day.

Before leaving please take with you the AromaReflex cream that I have blended especially for you for use at home when you want to give your feet a treat.

Book Your AromaReflex Session at Feet First Reflexology Cambridgeshire

AromaReflex treatments cost £40 per session.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday at 10am and 2pm.

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