Sadly, stress and anxiety is on the increase in Britain today.

A UK-wide stress survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation has found that almost three-quarters of adults (74%) have at some point over the past year felt so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

So, if you are feeling stressed or anxious you are certainly not alone.

Without relief stress can continue to build fuelling more anxiety and eventually could lead to mild depression.

Reflexology can help to relieve stress and anxiety. It is especially beneficial when used alongside other natural remedies such as eating a healthier diet, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine consumption, getting better sleep, and taking regular exercise.

Reflexology can also be used together with conventional treatments such as CBT and antidepressants.

How reflexology helps with stress and anxiety

Reflexology works by applying gentle pressure to reflex areas in the feet which correspond to different parts of the body.

The special massage used by reflexologists unblocks nerve endings in the feet, rebalances the lympathtic and enocrine system and boosts the circulation.

In this way, reflexology induces a state of calm throughout your body and mind, leaving you feeling less stressed and anxious.

What my clients say about reflexology and stress and anxiety

I’ve designed Feet First Reflexology to be a sanctuary from the stresses of the world: a place of calm where you can relax, rebalance and restore.

Of course, you also have the added benefit of a soothing reflexology treatment to lift your mood and boost your physical wellbeing.

I first went to see Michelle at Feet First Reflexology as I was having some anxiety issues and one idea I read was to try reflexology. I have never looked back, I am now one of Michelle’s regular clients and the treatment has definitely helped me with my anxiety

Carolyn from St Ives

It is amazing, I arrive stressed, & leave so relaxed & at one with the world

Jane from Over

I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after my session that leaving her comfortable and calming treatment room was very difficult

Kate from Bath

Michelle is amazing. I really do not know what I would do without her. I feel calm and relaxed as soon as I am there

Merinda from Somersham

Very relaxing and calming treatments with Michelle

Beverley from Sutton

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy. It works alongside conventional medicine.

It acts on the whole body rather than on specific conditions and ailments.

Over a course of treatments reflexology will bring your body back into balance.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat for a specific condition.

Reflexology is not a substitute for conventional medicine and should not be taken instead of medical treatments.

However, it may complement your medical treatment and is often available through private health insurance plans.

Reflexology treatments and private health care plans


I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) set up by the Government to regulate complementary health practitioners.

This means that clients who have qualifying health care plans may be able to reclaim the cost of their treatments when they visit Feet First Reflexology Bluntisham.