Reflexology can help women with physical and emotional wellbeing

According to the Association of Reflexolgists maintaining hormone balance throughout our lives is a key factor in women’s health.

This is because hormones change at different stages in our lives such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Hormones also fluctuate at different points in our menstrual cycle and can be adversely affected by the stress and anxiety induced by 21st century living.

In addition, there are number of ailments which effective women exclusively such as breast and cervical cancer as well as conditions that affect women disproportionately more than men.

For example: depression and anxiety, urinary tract issues such as cystitis and osteoporosis.

With so many women now juggling work and family commitments, there has never been a more important time for women to take better care of ourselves.

We can of course take steps to eat more healthily, to exercise regularly and to try and get enough sleep.

Doing these things can be hard if you are feeling stressed, anxious or suffering with low mood or reduced energy levels.

This is where reflexology can help by bringing the mind and body back into balance.

How reflexology benefits women’s health

Reflexology works by applying gentle pressure to reflex areas in the feet which correspond to different parts of the body.

When working on womens’ feet, reflexologists will pay particular attention to the reflex points that link directly to the female reproductive system as well as acting on the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates feelings of stress and anxiety.

In this way, reflexology can help correct hormonal imbalances, regulate your menstrual cycle, and desensitise the fight, flight or freeze trigger that may be leaving you on constant high alert and feeling overwhelmed.

It is important to know that reflexology also acts on your body as a whole.

By stimulating the functioning of all organs and glands in the body as well as the endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory and muscle systems, reflexology can increase metabolism, boost energy and flood the body and mind with a lasting feeling of calm.

What my female clients say about reflexology

Michelle spends time getting to know her clients and never rushes the treatments. It is very peaceful and I always leave feeling like I am walking on air

Nikki from Tenerfie

I go to Michelle every other week it’s awesome me time!

Cathy from Colne

Feeling great after being super pampered by Michelle with my reflexology treatment yesterday! A big thank you! Will be back very soon xx.”

Samantha from Hemingford Grey

Loved my first ever reflexology session just over a week ago. I had to fight hard to stay awake during it. Tranquil surroundings too

Zoe from Huntingdon

Had another amazing reflexology session with Michelle Dunn at Feet First Reflexology. As always it was fab. I tried the new advanced techniques to balance the endocrine system as well as the usual session. It was very relaxing and it was amazing how something so light could do so much good to your organs. I would recommend feet first reflexology to anyone. Thanks, Michelle xxx

Allison from Godmanchester

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy. It works alongside conventional medicine.

It acts on the whole body rather than on specific conditions and ailments.

Over a course of treatments reflexology will bring your body back into balance.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat for a specific condition.

Reflexology is not a substitute for conventional medicine. It should therefore not be used instead of medical treatment prescribed by your doctor for women’s health conditions.

However, it may complement your medical treatment and is often available through private health insurance plans.

Reflexology treatments and private health care plans


I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) set up by the Government to regulate complementary health practitioners.

This means that clients who have qualifying health care plans may be able to reclaim the cost of their treatments when they visit Feet First Reflexology Bluntisham.