I visited Michelle for the first time yesterday (4/9/2020) after suffering with hip / back pain and coincidentally recovering from a a bad ankle sprain. Last night I felt relaxed and tired, my lower back also felt very uncomfortable, but little did I know that discomfort was healing me and this morning I felt wonderful. Not only that but the swelling, mobility and strength of my ankle has improved dramatically. I literally feel like a new person!Cant wait for my next appointment as I’m now convinced that this ancient method has very real results, especially if its done by Michelle!

Leanne from Wood Walton

Pregnant and uncomfortable I have been going to see michelle, she is truely amazing, welcoming and caring, always in a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful views. I love every appointment and never want the hour to end. Thank you so much for your kindness

Kelly from Longstanton

Feet First Reflexology (Michelle) is awesome; it’s the best environment for reflexology in the warmth and surrounded by the amazing views. The sessions always relax me and send me to sleep. I can’t recommend enough!!

Mary from Godmanchester

I would highly recommend Michelle!! She gives THE most relaxing reflexology treatments! She has the perfect touch and I will definitely be returning for more treatments in her lovely peaceful space.

Michelle from Houghton

Had a lovely visit to Feet First Reflexology this morning, Michelle made me feel so relaxed! Thank you for a lovely experience

Sophie from Willingham

What a blissful experience I had with Michelle’s reflexology yesterday. I slept thoroughly for the first time in ages and am feeling invigorated already. I’m looking forward to my next session!

Mary from Godmanchester

I recently had my first appointment at 35 weeks pregnant and was a relaxing treat. Really helped with some aches and pains I’d been having and will definitely be going back. Thank you

Carly from Warboys

Hello, Michelle. To give you an update on my foot, managed to see the doctor finally yesterday to ask for a letter to see a foot specialist, but in that time I bought some different insoles and massaged it and I don’t seem to have the pain when I walk with them in, it’s only when I’m flat-footed. I’m overjoyed, maybe seeing you too made an improvement, but I can’t tell you how much better I feel. So when I’m back from my trip I’ll be booking in again with you, on a regular basis. Thanks Michelle x

Claire from St Ives

I have suffered with a few foot and aches and pains for a while now so I thought I’d try reflexology. It was a bonus knowing Michelle from a few years back too. What an amazing, interesting, relaxing and informative experience it was and I’m already feeling the benefits after one session. looking forward to my next one.

Mandy from St Ives

I thoroughly enjoyed having reflexology done! I did it as I was heavily pregnant and felt it would be a nice way to relax and potentially stop me from going overdue. I had two sessions once a week which I enjoyed and I went into labour 10 hours after my second appointment. I had a wonderful labour and a beautiful healthy baby.

Harriet from Somersham